Evgeny Pandenish

Evgeny Pandenish

Evgeny Pandenish
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Arran Gregory’s Faceted Mirrored Sculptures ( http://www.arrangregory.com/ )

but an abstracted facetted mirror could be interesting somewhere, to tie with the colonnade

plant stands

Love these tall plant stands Green Indoor plants Tropical Boho Bohemian Relax Nature Hippy Bold Paint Styling Interior Design Home Botanical wire

Helix - Season 1

Today we'll try to present characters from the show created by Ronald D. Moore, which should prepared us for the Helix series.

Turtles at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Turtles at North Shore Oahu Hawaii- Sea Turtle resting on shore; North Shore is actually a turtle sanctuary. There are turtle minders to keep people from disturbing the turtles on shore