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Волшебный мир от Gale Franey Fairy Art, Marjolein Bastin, Fairy Dragon, Believe In Magic, Mystical Creatures, Arte Fantasy, Fairy Land, Magical Creatures, Dragon Art
Обалденные фензийные фотоколажи...
Волшебный мир от Gale Franey
a painting of a woman with long hair standing in the ocean on top of a wave
Zodiac Wars Pisces by pearl-of-light on DeviantArt
Русалка - Mermaid
two people standing in front of a fire
Ролевая "Waterfield"/Вотерфилд
Обновление 1.1. (20.07.2019)
a woman standing on fire in front of some buildings
Ayja by Dallas-Williams on DeviantArt
Лу в гневе
a drawing of a creature with large horns and claws on it's back legs
Великий заговор против Христа и Его народа
a painting of a man sitting in front of a wolf
Lakota indián fohász
Lakota indián fohász Lakota indián fohász Ó, nagy szellem! Akinek a hangja és akinek a lélegzete ad életet a világ egészének. Hallgass meg engem. Én kicsi és gyenge vagyok, szükségem van a te erődre és bölcsességedre. Megengedted nekem, hogy sétáljak szépségben melyet alkottál, mint a tűznarancs naplemente, az erdők zöldje, víz kékje, a hold sápadt arany arca.
Fire Sorceress by Conor Burke : ImaginaryWitches Fire Sorceress, Dota Tattoo, Fire Genasi, Battle Mage, Fantasy Portraits, Fantasy Races, D D Characters
Fire Sorceress by Conor Burke
Fire Sorceress by Conor Burke : ImaginaryWitches
an image of a woman sitting on top of a snake with her hands in the air
🐍 Medusa :: The Real Story of the Snake-Haired Gorgon
Medusa was a monster, one of the Gorgon sisters and daughter of Phorkys and Keto, the children of Gaea (Earth) and Oceanus (Ocean). She had the face of an ugly woman with snakes instead of hair; anyone who looked into her eyes was immediately turned to stone. Her sisters were Sthenno and Euryale, but Medusa was the only mortal of the three.
a white dragon sitting on top of ice next to an icy cave filled with water
some drawings of different types of dragon heads
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