Evgenia Slepcova

Evgenia Slepcova

Evgenia Slepcova
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A library in a townhouse in Brussels, Belgium. Beautiful dark wood, floor-to-very-high-ceiling bookcases with closed cabinets below cover one wall, and the library ladder is clearly necessary in this room.


A reading nook with large, beautiful windows! (I don't like the furniture, but the windows and shelves I love! I'd swap out the furniture for something cozier, like large, upholstered bean bag chairs.


The Georgian Bay Cottage treads lightly on the land, with a “long-shed” construction featuring a large sliding door and pull-down bug screen, a translucent corrugated-fiberglass roof, and exposed studs and ties. Photo by Leo Mieles.


IKEA Kitchen Designs 2013 - Interior design - Discover the charm of designs with IKEA. 2013 comes with accompany of splendid kitchen designs from IKEA. IKEA flabbergasts us with the brand-new kitchen