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How to learn phrase verbs #LearnEnglish #Esl #EFL #ELT

I share with you the complete list of phrasal verbs I used during 10 days in a row. Now it's your turn to use the same strategy and learn phrasal verbs too Ask your partner what each phrasal verb means.

Chinese Words for Colors - Learn Chinese

黑色 (hei se) negro 白色 (bai se) blanco 黄色 (huang se) amarillo 橙色 (cheng se) naranja 蓝色 (lan se) azul 褐色 (he se) marrón 绿色 (lü se) verde 紫色 (zi se) púrpura 紫罗兰色 (ziluolan se) violeta 红色 (hong se) rojo 灰色 (hui se) gris


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