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Salina Kardanova

Salina Kardanova
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Echeveria affinis (Black Echeveria) → click thru for Plant characteristics and more photos

Echeveria affinis - Black Echeveria is evergreen, low-growing, perennial succulent, up to 8 inches cm) tall and wide.

Albuca namaquensis-cool plant!  succulent

Albuca namaquensis, I dont know if this is the correct name for this plant. When trying to find it on online, the photos associated with the name appear to be Spiralis Juncus plant, which is sometimes available in the spring, and is often used for ponds.

Beautiful Succulents!~

Aloe polyphylla (spiral aloe) is an endangered plants native to the Basaltic mountains in Lesotho, a small country by South Africa. Plants cling to high altitude slopes which are characterized by copious rainwater runoff and snow in the winter. It is thre