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Brigitte Bardot Mermaid Braid

Cascading french braid hairstyle tied half way down the hair with a red ribbon to make a beautiful bow with curls at the end


It’s time for some new “Back to School” hairstyles! where did the summer go? School always started for me during the last week of August so I’m sorry if yours already has and this is a little late.

Double Dutch Braids

I’ve been meaning to post this tutorial for a few weeks now and kept putting it off. I love this look because it has a softer feel than typical dutch braids.


Take the popular hairstyle “Space Buns” to the next level with dutch braids! This hairstyle, original inspo here, is not only perfect for sweating it out at the gym but easily transitio…


Love a traditional ponytail but feel like you’re ready for something new? Today’s tutorial will show you a super easy way to make your everyday ponytail a little extra glam. Even the simplest styles s