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Rosa Covarrubias, ca 1923 -by Edward Steichen  Rosa Rolanda met Miguel Covarrubias in New York in 1924. Married in 1930, their common interests in painting, dance, theater and ethnology made of their home in Mexico a meeting place for many. (more…) - Also: Portrait of Rose Rolanda by Man Ray and one of Miguel Covarrubias by Steichen.  photo via PdP
Visions of the Future: #rIGORmORTIS by: BORIANNA VATOVA/ LENSED BY: Yoan Galabov/ MAKE-UP: Marina Mladenova/ Model:Sevdlin Salyov
Ohara Koson 小原 古邨 (1877-1945) Magpie, Woodblock print Culture: Japan
The giantess Hyrrokin on Flickr.The Hunnestad Stone from Skåne, Sweden. This image stone (DR 284 - Hunnestad 3) shows an animal ridden by a woman who has two snakes in her hands. She appears to be the wolf-riding giantess Hyrrokkin who helped the Æsir push Balder’s ship into the sea during his funeral. Lund, 2014
Buddha Shakyamuni protected by Nine Nagas (Subterranean Beings).