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Baby bat in blue snuggly wrap with pacifier and direct soft eye gaze

finkspiration: “ paddysnuffles: “ zooophagous: “ “ makilikesflowers: “ An angel ” Wtf bats swim ” Omfg ” Here’s another little-known bat fact: Orphaned baby bats are often swaddled tightly.


catsbeaversandducks: “ The cutest burritos on the menu: Baby Bat Burritos! Photos by ©Baby Bats and Buddies of Bats QLD - Bats QLD Home ”

Baby Bat with stuffed toy

A bat with a pet bear. Pat the bear, bat! Don't bat the bat, bear. Bear with the patting bat without batting the bat, bear.

God's Watching.

his is a dog-faced fruit bat. ("I was given the rare and fascinating experience of stepping into some of the bat cages at Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Just me, my camera, and 160 live bats.

OMG - that face! What a cutie...wish I could have a bat as a pet.

I thought I saw and heard bats fly over us one night by the fire pit. Didn't think it was correct as we don't have bats here! However, myth busted as we found a tiny bat caught in our front gate.