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an aquarium in the middle of a kitchen with wood flooring and black cabinetry
Design and interior with a home aquarium
two dogs sitting in front of an aquarium
ご主人の趣味スペース。 熱帯魚の水槽を中心にたくさんの植物をレイアウト。わんちゃん達のお部屋でもあります。
a glass case filled with lots of plants
a fish tank filled with lots of plants and flowers on top of a shelf in a room
Planted tank idea
a diagram showing the different types of animals in their body and how they look like
X. It’s what’s happening
Animation, Anime Characters, Character Art, Manga, Anime Art, Fanart, Kawaii Anime, Kawaii Anime Girl, Anime Style
Frankie Foster (obviously best girl) | Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
the diagram shows how cows are different sizes