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Nastia Ryazantseva
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Moment- Spontaneous This photo represents spontaneous because doing a hand stand in the middle of the road is a very spontaneous thing to do

road trip!

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can't wait for the season!

Snowboarding, my new hobby I am going to accomplish by the end of this year


the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. I want to have one of those in my house!

Road trip to the beach

Beach VW camp out

home library with seating area... - Click image to find more home decor Pinterest pins

OK, so I don't like the look, but the idea is just great - will have to dress this home library with seating area very differently . I have always loved the window-seat/reading nook idea.

its snowboard time.

Do something before bed besides watching Netflix . mindfulness in the bath, yoga etc

To do: When I go camping, make it cozier/prettier/easier. A tray, a new tablecloth, good dish soap, flannel blankets - these will change my camping routine.

Road Tripping is more than just driving, it’s wanderlusting ///

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