Puits à Mohejo-Daro. Plusieurs fois reconstruit après crues --> surélévation. On remarque que le haut de la construction est plus imparfaite --> déclin de la ville

UNESCO World Heritage Site - Archaeological Ruins at Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan dating from the century B.

Bronze Animal Figure_2, Harappan Civilization, 2500 - 2000 BC | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bronze Animal Figure, Harappan Civilization, 2500 - 2000 BCE This odd face reminds me of the early ancestors of the mammoths,when the tusks were fused and the mouth had yet to become separate from the trunk

Pashupati -The Horned God. This most ancient representation of the "Lord of Animals" archetype comes from the Mohenjo Daro culture of c.3000 BCE. The seated horned deity, peacefully surrounded by his totem beasts, recreates the sense of harmony with nature in which pre-Dravidian Indo-European agrarian cultures lived prior to the Aryan invasions.    The similarity with Cernunnos is really amazing!!..But also quite logical: The Celts came FROM Asia

Picture of horned man in a yoga posture. Location: Indus Valley Civilization Date: BCE. Yoga is also practiced today in many places which proves that it was influenced from the civilization.

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Indus Valley Civilization

The Ancient Indus Valley: New Perspectives (Understanding Ancient Civilizations): This work is a revealing study of the enigmatic Indus civilization and how a rich repertoire of archaeological tools is being used to probe its puzzles.

1. Harappan seal 2. Made by the Sumerians 3. Important because it shows advanced technology

Pakistan, Mohenjo-daro, Steatite seal depicting an Indian rhinoceros

Seal, Mohenjo-Daro

Animal seal Terracotta sealing from Mohenjo-daro depicting a collection of animals and some script symbols. This sealing may have been used in specific rituals as a narrative token that tells the story of an important myth.

rue de la ville basse de Mohenjo Daro.

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4 Fabulous Views of Mohenjo-daro - An Archaeological Site Situated in Sindh, Pakistan | NexPk Pictures

Priest King- Mohenjo-daro - An Archaeological Site Situated in Sindh, Pakistan

Mohenjo-daro Seal

Harappan Seal, ca. BC, Mohenjo-daro, Hercules-like figure grappling 2 rampant tigers. This motif is found on seals in Mesopotamia as well. Other artifacts indicate regular trade from the Indus Valley to Mesopotamia via a port in Syria.