Svícny+se+sněhovými+vločkami..2+Adventní+svícínky+v+keramických+obalech+jsem+doplnila+vánočními+doplňky,+šiškami, umělou+zelení a+stužkou. Šířka+je+cca 10cm+a+výška+cca+16-17cm+-+měřeno+s+nazdobením.+Velmi+trvanlivá+vánoční+dekorace,+zeleň+je+umělá. Ve+své+nabídce+mám+také+další+dekorace+ve+stejném+stylu+a+barevnosti.+Cena+je+uvedena+za+jeden+kus.

Candlesticks with snow flakes. 2 Advent candlesticks ceramic wrappers supplemented Christmas accessories, pine, artificial green and ribbon. Very durable Christmas decoration greener is artificial.

Use all your leftover candles to make this candle votive. Instructions help you make the round votive and also add the wick inside. Easy trick to use every last bit of your candle.

Turn an Old Candle Into a New One for Next to Nothing

Use leftover candles to make wax luminaries for your Candle Impressions flameless tea lights and votives. Since they're LED, they won't melt down the thin walls of the luminaries!

When it comes to home decor or self-made gifts, there’s nothing better than personalized DIY candles that can deliver an all-new look to your room as well as keep your loved ones reminded of you. Here are 31 DIY tutorials that are brilliantly beautiful, unbelievably easy, yet simply wonderful when it comes to turning your …

30+ Brilliant DIY Candle Making And Decorating Tutorials

This Soy candle tutorial comes with free printable labels. The jars are rustic and practical. These simple labels give them a wholesome homemade feel. Perfect for gifts or wedding favors.

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Music sheet candles!!!

Handmade Holidays Nov. 13: Gifts for Music Lovers

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Купить Огоньки Нового года Набор подсвечников - новый год 2016, рождество, огни, подсвечник