Eugene Saltykoff

Eugene Saltykoff

Eugene Saltykoff
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Hammock Boat, I want one of these! Perfect for a lake. Just don't fall asleep . and fall out into the water! Is the "roof" for shade . or for at least a couple more people?

40 Cosas extremadamente geniales que necesitas para acampar ⋮ Es la moda

iPhone Cover with 22 tools - perfect for case iphone diy

LUMIGRID LED PROJECTOR FOR BICYCLES by Designers: Prof. Gan Jing, Xun Zhang, An Pengcheng, Sun Yan, Jiang Cong, Li Ke, Du Tao, Zheng Yuemei, Cai Jing & Liu Zhenghao

Lumigrids LED projector , For Those Who Love Night Rides ~ not sure about this . seems you'd be distracted from watching that light .

Half four-wheeler, half jet-ski, 100% awesome and I'm pretty sure I need this!

Half four-wheeler, half jet-ski, awesome ~ are these the next popular ATV's?

Awesome sphere tent… #gadgets for men, cool tech gadgets, tech gadgets gifts

Funny pictures about Awesome sphere tent. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome sphere tent. Also, Awesome sphere tent.

Inflatable tent. So cool for a rainy night! Star watching. NO BUGS. Luxury Beauty -

So cool for a rainy night, star gazing or even while snowing. Awesome views and no bugs!

Imagine a log cabin with this staircase/slide in it. What fun that would be before coffee in the morning! SEEDS from HOME - scattering seeds that are assisting me to move from simply surviving my life into a state of absolutely thriving in it.

Stair Slide -- its always a happy day with Slide Stairs! If I'm ever rich enough to have a slid/stair case like this lol I want this!

A pretty one, of those winding staircases!! by lala711

gorgeous, awesome spiral staircase - hey we have to build a staircase in a little bit of space this summer.this would be awesome going down to the second floor!

Secret passage

Stairs Secret Storage down stairs hidden behind up stairs. I love this idea. Safe room, storage or just for fun!

Secret door

confuse your guests Secret door. bookcase on hinges that leads to a room with a glass window but no doors.