a Fence made of pallets

Amazing Wood Pallet Fence Ideas Wooden pallets are often overlooked as to what they can be used for. Smashed up…

regiment of the cans with their hands

Love this mason jar organizer to corral all of your bathroom essentials. Such an easy DIY idea and pretty decor for any space in your home. It only takes about 30 minutes of your time to whip this baby up!

Скамейка из пня

Shared from Glasshouse Country Woodworks Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia pinned with Pinvolve

a small house in England

Nestled into a seaside cliff in Cornwall, The Edge is a tiny beach cottage with huge views. A breath-taking vista of the Atlantic Ocean and coastline can be enjoyed from its deck. The cliffs of Cor…

large pergola in the country

Imagine sitting outside with a glass of wine or good book under this lovely, landscaped pergola. A stained pergola, lattice screening, and then large pots of greenery and.

disguised house In England

Hidden House by Teatum + Teatum. Hidden House is formed between existing buildings using the left over spaces of the city. Hidden House makes an opportunity of its dislocation from the street, by turning its back to the city and looking inward.

disguised house in Australia

Located in Victoria, Australia and completed in This cabin was designed by Maddison Architects. Maddison Architects "Cabin 2 is a self contained

House made of shipping containers in Chile

This bright orange home was made with two and three shipping containers in Santiago, Chile. Due to our publication of various shipping container homes, the architect, Rubén Rivera Peede, shared Liray House with Jetson Green