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So pretty! Make a cherry blossom tree painting with a 2 liter bottle. Any girl would love this in her room!

DIY craft on Simply Grove.  Hot glue already-lit matches to a card bord cut-out. use toothpicks?

DIY cardboard and burnt matches snowflake decor. Cut out cardboard snowflake shape

great for your room or for a Bestfriends gift.   Step1.Take a bunch of crayons (new or old) Step2. Place them in a shape you want and glue them on. Step3. Get out a hair dryer  Step4. Turn it on hot and direct it the way you want your crayons to melt. Step5. Let dry *Do this out side or put news paper underneath.*

Crayon heart wall art - arrange in a heart and melt crayons with a blow dryer. add a picture in the middle to use it as a frame. Okay I've seen the crayon melty thing before but I love the heart/picture frame idea!

Pincone Turkey DIY Craft

Pinecone Turkey DIY Craft

Here is a super-simple Pinecone Turkey craft you can make with kids for fall or Thanksgiving. This is a low-cost DIY, especially if you can find the pineco

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Button tree print on canvas. I love my button tree. I used 2 canvases and spread the tree and it's button leaves out over both.

DIY String Art DIY Weaving DIY CraftS

String Art A cross between Spirograph and macramé, this retro craft is the equivalent of two great tastes that taste great together. Professors actually use this project to teach a mathematical principle.