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an old man holding his head while talking on the phone with text about plastic bags
a man in a suit and tie holding his hand up to the side with words on it
a bunch of cars that are driving down the road with an arrow pointing to them
an x - ray image of a human head with a snake on it's forehead
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a pair of gold scissors sitting on top of a black leather bag that says, hand these out and let nature take its course
18 moments of winning against or at life
Wisdom, I Love To Laugh, Stupid
Sometimes I just want to scream this! Pet Peeves, Logos, Shut Up, Stupid People, Laugh, Laughter
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Sometimes I just want to scream this!
a man sitting in front of a fire place with his hands clasped to his chest
Say NO to the Bullshit Funny Jokes To Tell, Cant Fix Stupid, Common Sense, Pound, Reality Bites
Say NO to the Bullshit: Photo
Say NO to the Bullshit
a man is using smart phone while standing in front of a yellow sign that says, a man is sungg smart water for not making him smart i'd like to formally