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the side of a building that has a window in front of it and trees behind it
Durable, Adaptable Cork (Published 2019)
Durable, Adaptable Cork - The New York Times
a black light hanging from the ceiling in a room with concrete walls and wood slats
University of Warsaw Library
Troldtekt’s wood wool acoustic panels help to absorb the sound and reverberated sounds created by noisy sports activities and large groups of people in this multifunctional sports centre. In addition, their inherent robustness, strength and impact resistance also mean they’re a perfect high-performance solution. Furthermore, the panels have become part of the building’s iconic design. #goodacoustics #holzwolleplatten #träullsplattor #troldtekt
an empty kitchen with wooden walls and flooring in the center, is seen from outside
62 Beiting Lane Store by MOU Architecture Studio
a woman is standing in the middle of a room with wooden floors and counter tops
Gallery of PONT Coffee Shop / Studio stof - 1
a white chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a metal railing and door
Aurora Arquitectos – Edifício Mostarda
Aurora Arquitectos – Edifício Mostarda
a black and white cat laying on top of a tiled floor
a man standing in front of a door on top of a tiled floor next to a doorway
Waarmakers in natuursteen | Rene Thijs Natuursteen Asten
a blue bench sitting on top of a white tiled floor next to a red and white wall