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watercolor clouds with text overlay that says, easy ways to paint clouds with watercolor
Watercolor Clouds Tutorial for Beginners
Step-by-step video tutorial on painting easy skies with watercolor. Two beginner-friendly techniques. #howtopaintaskywithwatercolors #howtopaintawatercolorsky #howtopainttheskywithwatercolor… More
an eye with the words how to draw realistic eyes my process and key tips on it
How to Draw Realistic Eyes
My step by step process for drawing eyes with drawing pencils and key tips for beginners looking to increase the realism in their eye drawings. Blog post and video! #howtodraweyes #howtosketcheyesstepbystep #howtosketcheyesforbeginners #drawingtutorialforbeginners
a woman holding a pencil over her mouth with the words tips for artists on it
Art Tips for Beginners
In this video for beginner and intermediate artists, I'm sharing my top practical tips that'll help you break away from feeling scattered and/or overwhelmed. Get organized, focus on your goals, and eliminate distractions with these tips so that you can make faster progress in your art journey! #artistburnout #burnoutartist #productivityforartists #arttipsforimproving #artgoalsideas
a woman writing on a piece of paper with the words 10 phase learning roadmap for self - taught artists
Self-Taught Artist Learning Roadmap
If you're a self-taught artist and you're experiencing overwhelm and confusion with the vast array of available resources and topics to learn about, this masterclass is for you. In it, I provide a clear path that will take you from beginner to advanced artist. Exercises, resources and must know advice are included. #howtoimproveartskills #howtoimprovedrawingskills #howtoimprovepaintingskills
watermelon slices in watercolor step - by - step video tutor for beginners
Easy Fruit Watercolor Painting Tutorial
In this beginner-friendly, step-by-step, fully-narrated tutorial, I share my process for painting a fun still life of juicy watermelon wedges. Free outline sketch and reference photo included! #watermelonpaintingwatercolors #watermelonartpaintingwatercolors #watermelonwatercolorpaintingfruits #watercolourfruiteasy #watercolourpaintingeasyfruit
a drawing of a woman's face with the words how to sketch a face with believable proportions
How to Draw a Face for Beginners
In this video tutorial, I share my method for drawing a simple face from imagination that shows believable proportions. I've created this one especially for beginners getting started with faces and portraits. Hope you find it helpful! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for new sketching and watercolor videos every week. #howtodrawafacestepbystep #sketchafaceeasy #howtosketchtutorial #facedrawinghowtostepbystep #howtomakefacedrawing
watercolor pencil guide for beginners to learn how to paint
Watercolor Pencil Guide for Beginners
This full class on watercolor pencils is jam-packed with must-know information, tips and techiniques. Topics covered range from how watercolor pencils are different from watercolor paint, how to swatch watercolor pencils, 12 basic techniques to practice and more! #watercolourpencilarttutorials #watercolourpencilsforbeginners #watercolorpencilhowtouse #watercolorpenciltechniquesforbeginners
the best watercolor pencils are available in different colors
Best Watercolor Pencils
These water-soluble colored pencils are perfect for hobbyists and professional artists. High color payoff, premium cedar wood, hexagonal barrel for comfortable grip, light resistant. Apply dry or wet. #watercolorpencilart #watercolourpencilsforbeginners #watercolorpenciltutorial This is an Amazon affiliate link. I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.
a woman holding up some pencils with the words 6 reason why all artists should learn to draw
Reasons Why All Artists Should Learn to Draw
In this must-watch video, I explain why it's important for all artists to learn to draw. I also provide practical tips that will help you easily build up a drawing habit if you haven't already. #learnarttodraw #howtoimproveartskills #howtoimproveyourart #artskillstolearn
watercolor whales in 3 easy steps
Watercolor Tutorial for Beginners Whales
In this beginner-friendly video tutorial, I take you step-by-step through painting three different whales using watercolor. Follow along to practice must-know watercolor techniques and to learn great tips to help you progress faster. #watercolorwhalepainting #watercolorstepbysteptutorials #howtowatercolorbeginners #watercolouranimalseasy #watercolourwhaleart
watercolor flowers with text overlay that says easy floral doodles in watercolor video
Easy Watercolor Flowers for Beginners
Quick tutorial for beginners on painting fun flower doodles using watercolor. This is a great exercise for practicing water control and brush control, which are both essential skills to develop. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for new weekly art videos: art tips, drawing and painting tutorials, and mindset/productivity for artists. #easyflowerswatercolorstepbystep #watercolourflowerseasy #watercolorflowerstutorialeasy #howtowatercolorflowers #howtowatercolourpaint
the best watercolor brushes for acrylic, fine points, tapered edges and highly durable
Great Affordable Watercolor Brushes
Princeton Artist Brush Co. Aqua Elite Professional Watercolor Paint Brushes 4 brush set on Amazon - Synthetic Kolinsky Sable #watercolorsuppliesforbeginners #watercolourbrushes #howtowatercolorpaint #watercolourartsupplies This is an Amazon affiliate link. I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.
a woman is holding up her hand with the words, you're not too old to become an artist here's why
You're Not Too Old to Become an Artist
In this motivational video for artists, I explain why there is no ideal time to start your art journey. I share examples of famous artists who started or gained recognition until later in life, and some advantages that starting older can bring, which you might not have thought of. #howtobecomeanartist #artadvice #motivationforartists #olderartist
a woman with red hair holding a pencil and smiling
Improve Your Drawing and Painting by Slowing Down
Best tips for beginner and intermediate artists. In this video, I explain why it's so important to slow down when we're drawing or painting, in order to arrive at better results. Practical tips are provided that you can start using today to improve your art skills. #arttipsforbeginnersvideos #inspirationforart #motivationforartists
an easy watercolor landscape book is shown
Watercolor Landscape for Beginners
In this step-by-step, beginner-friendly tutorial, I take you through my full process for a simple watercolor landscape. I share everything, starting with how I create my thumbnail sketches to plan my composition, to initial washes of color, and layering on detail. #watercolorsceneryeasy #howtowatercolourlandscapes #watercolournaturepainting #watercolorlandscapepaintingseasy