She pays her bills : buys her own clothes : independent women : quote and sayings...SO TRUE

Unlike other women I'm not going to chase a man with money. That's not what I want. If you make a lot of money then that's a plus. I make my own money and buy the things I want :)

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Mr.CBB's Weekly Blog Post Picks November 30,2012 Bring On The Egg Nog

edward jones branding. strengths: branding color. friendly slab serif (yet trite) typeface. Strong image of relatable person. Strong hierarchy tactics. But why are eggs so popular in financial symbolism? So weird. I think breakfast.

friendly slab serif (yet trite) typeface. Strong image of relatable person. But why are eggs so popular in financial symbolism?

4 Tools Every Grown and Serious Woman Needs To Organize Her Finances | Black and Married With - A Positive Image of Marriage and Family

4 Tools Every Grown And Serious Woman Needs To Organize Her Finances

Good tips {Too much month to your money? Find out what to do when your family budget is in crisis mode and how to firmly plant your feet on solid ground again.

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This image represents culture shock. Cultural diversity around the world can influence culture shock. Culture shock is when a person feels out of place due to unfamiliar manners.

First look at Movenbank's mobile banking app.

Is this better banking? Only time will tell, but different is a step in the right direction.

2 - 5 acre parcels together. Total 10 acres of land for sale in Colorado. Owner Finance! No Credit Check. For more details, please click on image to visit our website...

Owner Finance land deals - 10 acres in Colorado

The Success Indicator. Want to know the 5 Life Lessons from Tucker Max for Achieving Success? Please click the image.

MetEdge: The Success Indicator by MaryEllen Tribby - If you want to be successful your mindset has to be in the right place.

cut your spending. Has a Lot  of good coupon and discount sites and ideas. - Click image to find more kids Pinterest pins

The budget diet! 72 ways to cut your spending by hundreds a month and save thousands a year.Pin now, read later, cause this list is FULL of great ideas!

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Cut Your Wedding Costs

It's a passion to find the right communication puzzle-piece to match a certain brand image.

Goals in life is the most important things for your life. If you do not want to live a wasting life, read the article now. You will not regret it.

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Tips for all Direct Sales individuals to find their tax deductions. These tips can save you time and money. Income tax tips, tax return tips


It is estimated by the department of education that 920 billion dollars is owed in student loans. This number will double as new students go to college and take out substantial loans to pay for their education. Even I have student loans to repay