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Now Im Sure Thats Wax. But I Wouldnt Want To Keep ReMaking These. So Its Just Best to Stick A lil Light In There. Unless Theres Something That Can Save The Outer Wax While The Candel Is Lit. I Just like The Idea/Look

how to make a volia candle holder Add cold water to a balloon. Dip balloon into hot wax. Leave to cool. Prick balloon and carefully remove. Add a small tea light and voila - your very own home-made luminier

small tattoo

triangle tattoo / classical element symbol ( Δ is fire , ▽ would be water )

99 Impossibly Small And Cute Tattoos Every Girl Would Want

Photographer Austin Tott pairs the small with the grandiose in his series Tiny Tattoos. The delightful images feature hand-drawn body art that’s positioned against a background from which they visually reference.