Poppets, Dolls & Dancers

Dolls, poppets, toys, from paleolithic to new. Plus ballet, because ballet.
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an old fashioned doll is dressed in white and gold
Works - Alice Mary Lynch: Enchanted
a woman dressed in an elaborately designed dress
Poisoned Autum: preview of Virginie Ropars!
a doll with long white hair and blue eyes
ANS 朱雀
ANS 朱雀 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a doll is dressed in white and posing on a stand with her hands behind her head
Popovy Sisters – Art dolls by Popovy Katya & Lena
a doll is wearing a dress with a red bow around the neck and hands on her hips
Victorian set for MSD
a drawing of a woman with an umbrella and flowers on her head, holding a cat
an anime character with skeleton parts on her back
art art nail designs art drawings art painting art nails art nail art nails design art tattoo art pr
two women dressed in elaborate costumes
Child's Play.......Decorate With Antique Toys