Basket of Figs ♥ We had a huge fig tree in the back yard growing up. I think I will plant one this fall!

Figs //

This post is going to be figgin’ delicious! As you probably have seen in your various social feeds, figs are in full force right now, popping out everywhere, from shakes to pies .

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I love this tree. This year, it is producing more figs than we can eat.

Huge Harvest from a Small Space - If you love delicious, healthy treats...Fresh figs are a natural choice! Now with the addition of 'Little Miss Figgy', you won't need a great deal of space to harvest an abundance of luscious 'figgy' fruit. This incredible plant will dazzle you with its deeply lobed, blue-green leaves and...

Little Miss Figgy™ Tree

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‪Health‬ benefits of ‪‎figs‬ come from the presence of minerals, vitamins and fiber contained in the ‪‎fruit‬. Figs help in preventing diseases like Cancer, high blood pressure, heartattack, diabetes etc.