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These are fantastic! Rose and Scorpius

All love the idea of Scorpius being this tall, slightly awkward, studious, shy Hufflepuff and Rose being this short little fiery-tempered, red-headed Ravenclaw whose also kinda self conscious. me and my imagination I guess.

Amortentia, a Scorpius / Rose comic : page IV / VI

Amortentia, a Scorpius / Rose comic : page IV / VI. I like Rose and Scorpius but I can't help but think, if Dramione, My OTP, had worked out this wouldn't be happening.

Scorpius and Rose

I was drawing something and it turned into Scorose so naturally, whoa I am way too lazy to do any colouring of mine proper justice, and way too obsessed with ligting lately, don’t mind me thanks galaxyspeaking who got me to ship Scorose harder than I.