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Jenroses Have I Told Y'all About My Husband's Fork Theory? If I Did Already Pretend I Didn't I'm an Old So the Spoon Theory Is a Fundamental Metaphor Used Often in the Chronic Painchronic Illness Communities to Explain to Non-Spoonies Why Life Is Harder for Them It's Super Useful and We Use That All the Time but It Has a Corollary You Know the Phrase Stick a Fork in Me I'm Done Right? Well Fork Theory Is That One Has a Fork Limit That Is You Can Probably Cope Okay With One Fork Stuck in You Maybe Two or Three but at Some Point You Will Lose Your Shit if One More Fork Happens a Fork Could Range From Being Hungry or Having to Pee to Getting a New Bill or a New Diagnosis of Illness There Are Lots of Different Sizes of Forks and Volume vs Quantity Means That the Fork Limit Is Not Absolute I Might Be Able to Deal With 20 Tiny Little Escargot Fork Annoyances Such as a Hangnail or Slightly Suboptimal Pants but Not Even One You Poked My Trigger on Purpose Because You Think It's Fun to See Me Melt Down Pitchfork This Is Super Relevant for Neurodivergent Folk Like You Might Be Able to Deal With Your Feet Being Cold or a Tag but Not Both Hubby Describes the Situation as Lt May Seem Weird That I Just Get Up and Leave the Conversation to Go to the Bathroom but You Just Dumped a New Financial Burden on Me and I Already Had to Pee and Going to the Bathroom Is the Fork I Can Get Rid of the Fastest Cipheramnesia I Like This and Also I Like the Low Key Point That You May Be Able to Cope With Bigger Forks by Finding Little Ones You Can Remove Quickly a Combination of Time Focus and Reduction to Small Stressors That Can Allow You to Focus on the Larger Stressor in a Constructive Way | Hungry Meme on ME.ME
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This reminder that you don't have to compare your situation:
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Prove your humanity
Read these mantras aloud each morning this week to balance chakras 1-3. Notice if chakras spin counterclockwise or clockwise. Notice when a chakra is in clearing mode. Reiki Healing, Chakra Healing, Energy Healing, Healing Mantras, Chakra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Chakra Yoga, Mind Body Spirit, Yoga
Read these mantras aloud each morning this week to balance chakras 1-3. Notice if chakras spin counterclockwise or clockwise. Notice when a chakra is in clearing mode.