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a man is sitting on a tree in the woods
Фото: Мерлин / Промо-материалы сериала «Мерлин» (2008) #2464207
several people in armor walking through the woods
a man walking through a forest filled with green mossy trees and stairs that lead up to the sky
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a young man dressed in armor holding two swords
Bradley James Photo: Arthur Pendragon
pendragon | Bradley James Arthur Pendragon
the collage shows different scenes from game of thrones, including an image of a man
Merlin wallpaper
a group of people standing in a large room with wooden floors and arches on the ceiling
a man standing in front of a dragon next to a cave with light coming from its mouth
two men in medieval clothing are looking at an open book while another man stands behind them
a man standing in front of a mirror with his shirt open and no shirt on