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Another of Frank and his crown that he can only pull off lol

Just princess Frankie reading the paper while some yahoos play solitaire in the background.


Open rp with frank) I sit down on top of the roof.if only i didnt ruin it by being here.i tug on my hoddie sleeves.

My Chemical Romance by on @deviantART

My Chemical Romance. Wonder if they realize they have saved billions of lives? Mine included.

60 Gerard Way Gifs You Need In Your Life

In light of the upcoming March 22 (if you don't what that is, I envy you. (three years ago on that day, My Chemical Romance broke up.)), here are a few gifs of our lord and saviour, Gerard Way.

We don't talk about mcr doing the thing...

MCR never did a thing. MCR has been together since 2001 and always will be.<=== yeah, mcr never did any sort of bad thing that would have to be referred to as 'the thing' *cries*