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Selfie 自拍

Wonder if/how translates into Chinese? Selfie is 自拍! So go annoy the hell out of everone by 自拍-ing!

Learn To Read Korean in 15 Minutes

Funny pictures about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Oh, and cool pics about Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes. Also, Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes photos.

Hardest Language to learn Infographic

The Hardest Languages to Learn infographic. Great for visual learners! Spanish structure and pronunciation are logical, and English is the harder of the two.

so. true.

i wish my high school math was this easy. And middle school math. Honestly it's more like from middle school to college it's all the same


25 Problems Only People Who Have Played In A School Orchestra Will Understand- flutes never have that many rests