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multiple images of the legs and arms of a person with bandages on their hands
a drawing of the little mermaid from disney's animated movie, ariel and flound
The Art of Liana Hee
♥Mint Mermie! ♥ Gouache on Arches Watercolor paper. Final painting and a couple of work-in-progress shots.
a woman's hand with a ring on it
a young man with blonde hair wearing rings
a woman holding her hand up to her face while talking on a cell phone with a purple background
a person's hand with two rings on it and one has an anchor in the middle
Jeongin hands ♡ [240331] Instagram story
a woman's hand with a diamond ring on top of her finger, against a wood background
a man with blue hair is holding his hands to his mouth
a person with their hands in the air and wearing a chain around his neck, standing against a white wall