Josef Stalin killed many people...but he was kinda cute. For a killer. He did increase literacy rate among the Russian lower class...soo there's that.

30 Famous Historical Figures When They Were Young

young Stalin he was one good looking guy. when he was young at least. in youth, he was a strong strapping and handsome man who fought and f*cked his way through life, to become supreme dictator of the Soviet Union. a terrible son of a bitch.

Joseph Stalin and Maxim Gorky, 1931

Writer Maxim Gorky and Stalin - Gorki, Soviet hero and the image of socialist realism, actually opposed the regime and its violent distortion of the Russian revolution

Stalin being a joker

Stalin is captured in this photograph by Lt. Nikolai Vlasik, the Soviet dictator’s bodyguard. Vlasik’s off-the-record photos of Stalin caused a sensation in the early when an enterprising.