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Fungi | blissburrito: Frog pond findzz. Cool looking elfin...

Cool looking elfin saddle (bottom) and some unknowns (top).

Phellodon Sinclairii - Native fungus found in the beech forests of New Zealand

Phellodon sinclairii is a native fungus found in beech forests of New Zealand. sinclairii has white spores and grows from the ground, reaching a height of 45 mm by 80 mm wide.

hríb satanský  Boletus satanas

Fotografia - hríb satanský Rubroboletus satanas f. satanas (Lenz) Kuan Zhao & Zhu L.

Laccaria Amethystina,...

The Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystina) is a small brightly colored, edible mushroom and is only bright when young. As it ages it loses its color becoming difficult to classify.hence Amethyst Deceiver

Cyptotrama asprata - Parque “El Haya”, Xalapa, México | ©Ritter Walder

A gentle reminder not to get so caught up with waking everyone up that you forget to enjoy the little things in life along the way. Spend time enjoying something at least once per day.

Guepiniopsis alpina/Heterotextus alpinus--Golden jelly cone.   I'm thinking this is some type of stalactite rather than a mushroom, but I don't have a stalactite board.

Guepiniopsis alpina, Heterotextus alpinus, Golden jelly cone by chaerea

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Rejuvenation Clear: Stephen Beardsell - glass tree fungi - So cool - Why don't I ever run into stuff like this at art stores.