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diy: süße schmuseatze aus kuschelsocken
teds-woodworking....  The wife will love this when I make it myself                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Color Block Crayon Candles. Using old crayons on hand to create this lovely and fun block candles for your home. You can ask your kids to help you. They will have great fun to stir crayons with wax.
A great way to celebrate spring! This rustic twig frame is a great afternoon crafts project for the kids and is really cheap. They are twigs, people! It's time for some spring in our homes
Wine bottle craft
I love how easy this is! No-Sew Zipper Cases...from old SODA (or water) BOTTLES! |via Make It and Love It
DIY Hanging Mason Jar String Lights Instruction - DIY Christmas Mason Jar Lighting