Мандариновый мохито

A refreshing tangerine or mandarin NON- Alocholic mojito made with fresh mandarin juice, lime juice, sugar cane juice or sugar, mint leaves, & sparkling water!

Chocolate brownie, cherry and honeycomb trifle - Sainsbury's Magazine

Chocolate brownie, cherry and honeycomb trifle

Chocolate brownie, cherry and honeycomb trifle - I'm not normally a trifle fan (soggy cake isn't my thing) but this sounds amazing!

Alexander’s sister "(Сестра Александра")

Alexander’s sister 25 ml gin 25 ml creme de menthe green 25 ml cream Shake. The Alexander’s sister is sweet and mint concotion. It is so palatable after dinner stuff. It is good substitution for after meal chewing-gum.

Коктейль "Французский 75"

Коктейль "Французский 75"

Коктейль "Палома"

Paloma (fresh grapefruit, tangerine,) - I had this in Hawaii for the first time last week and it was

Зимний фруктовый компот

Зимний фруктовый компот

Джин с имбирем

Southern Souffle: Gin and Ginger (ale). Refreshing and delicious. It is more of a summer drink, but I still love this in winter. and Sunday the - finishing off the gin and the ginger ale - at least that is what I'm telling myself.


The Bishop : To ice filled glass add orange juice, lemon juice, superfine sugar, then fill with (cabernet sauvignon) red wine. garnish with orange and/or lemon slice.

Виноградно-дынный сок в блендере

Smoothie OTW Link-Up (Week November 2013 + Grape & Honeydew Blender Juice

Сангрия из белого чая

Cold-brew white tea -- On very warm days, freeze slices of the stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums) to keep the sangria cool without watering it down.