Triangle Station    Knit with 24 Colors

Triangle Station Knit with 24 Colors. I'm not happy with what I've been doing with my silk sweater, so I may frog it and do something more like this. (Though not in 24 colors.

Cannot understand a damn thing this says, but pictures seem fairly clear:)


How does it end? by Katherine@Knit Design Courses

knitted zip like closure, saw it on a Russian machine knit designers work years ago and loved it Más


need to finish my current WIP`s tho :/ Knit Flowers.I can see great uses for this, the ends of a scarf of the base to a sweater hmmmm. the design wheels are turning. I've been looking for a pretty knitted flower! This pattern is perfect!

No button holes!

Loop Closures Done on the Passap

I found an article in Duet International Magazine Number 18 March 1994 by Pat Cook on an alternative to fastening a garment with a loop and button. I thought it looked unique and there is no sewing…

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