Выставка "Нарядная жизнь" - vita_colorata.  Анна Павлова в русском костюме

oldrags: “ Anna Pavlova in costume for her Russian dance, Her headdress is an elaborate version of what is known as a kokoshnik.

by Bassano,photograph,20 November 1911 Лилиан Гиш в русском костюме.

Gina Cormani, a British ballerina, as a Russian Noblewoman in 'The Dance Dream',

Выставка "Нарядная жизнь" - vita_colorata.  Александра Гедеонова, еще одна мисс Россия в изгнании. 1936 год

This week I almost finished one of our old designs inspired by the ancient Russian headwears. It features a young lovely woman in a luxeri.