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Angelic family

Angelic family

“Marilyn Monroe, 1955. ”

Marilyn Monroe, the beauty

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Ben Ross, 1953 bsessed with her hair!

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe with her (last) husband, Arthur Miller (m. Miller wrote The Misfits for her. It was the last picture she ever made. She died in August 1962 (supposedly of a drug overdose).


American actors Marilyn Monroe - and Dale Robertson stand and smile in a dugout at the Out of This World Series celebrity baseball game.


Marilyn on the set of "There's No Business Like Show Business". Photo by Dennis Stock,

It's Marilyn!

It's Marilyn!

Marilyn with Milton Greene on the set of "Bus Stop", 1956.

Marilyn Monroe with Milton Greene on the set of Bus Stop,

1954 / Lors du tournage d'une scène du film "The seven year itch".

Marilyn Monroe Publicity photo for seven year itch

9 Novembre 1959 / Début du tournage du film "Let's make love" où Marilyn commence par le doublage de ses chansons dans les numéros musicaux. (Photos John BRYSON).

Marilyn putting down some tracks for lets make love