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taratjah: “ I liked Amren throughout the entire book, but I knew I loved her when she used the ruby that represents the bounty on her head, as a paper weight.

Rhys & Feyre

meabhd: “charliebowater: “MY BABIES ARE DONE. *dies* Rhys & Feyre, looking all High Lord & Ladylike. This was soooo much fun to work on and I’ve already ranted and raved about how much I love these two… and everyone else in ACOMAF… and Sarah….

sallteas: “ support system —— i’m obsessed with them. how they love eachother, how they use their different types of darkness to comfort eachother, how they treat eachother… (︶u︶) ” Awwwww, Feyrhys hugssss

support system —— i’m obsessed with them. - ★ to the stars who listen ★ By an awesome artist: salteas