Modify my short princess lines summer blouse pattern. Short tailored sleeveless top with side splits

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Blouse pattern with a drapery on shoulders \/ Simple patterns \/ the hands - patterns, alteration of clothes, an interior decor the hands - from Second Street // Marine Martirosyan

sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2015 A4 - NUM 0033 MEN It's summer. So it's all about ( should be all about) beach style. Here is a short story. Men & Shorts: Summer essentials Stylish summer breeze Summer forever! UGG sandals | Cool and comfy Red! Summer essentials The colour of summer: Blue Floral touch Colourful steps.

ModelistA: - NUM 0033 MEN SHORTS Part 1 (Maybe I can make DH some awesome shorts that won't fall apart as readily as those store-bought ones do.

ModelistA: A4 NUM 0093 PANTS continua

A4 NUM 0093 PANTS continua

One year these are judged "like a full diaper" and this year they're fashionable?