DIY woven lamps - my sister is making heaps of these for her wedding, but instead of electrical lights she's putting LED tealights in them (and spray painting them to match the colour theme ... and they look great!).  Try balloons instead of the balls, and vary the sizes.

DIY woven hemp lamps

DIY Woven Hemp Lamps Such a great idea to use a ball and deflate it - much better than wasting balloons!

koš na pití - návod

Basket woven from paper rolls -> basket for 4 bottles. Looks like a wicker technique.

кашпо для цветов

⭐⭐👍DIY Woven Hanger from Newspaper / Could be used anywhere from hallway (bills & stuff) to bathroom (hairbrush, blow dryer etc)

DIY Woven Paper Decorative Hat

DIY Woven Paper Decorative Hat

Paper weaving craft is a nice way to recycle old newspaper and magazines. You can make unique home decoration from this traditional crafts. Here is a nice DIY project to weave a decorative hat from

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Good reminder that the colors add to the dimensionality of the braid.