So decorative,,,,love the tear drops

So decorative e the tear drops



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Wasn't sure where to put this... reminds me of the kissing balls that I made one of the years that our house was on the Historical Society Christmas tour.

button bouquet Would make a pretty ornament for my Christmas tree.or could be made into wedding bouquet

живые фотографии

живые фотографии

Pretty picture of a snowman

Jute/twine tassel DIY - On Christmas gifts

Vintage Christmas ball tutorial

Evening meetings: Master class on vintage ball / Vintage Christmas ball tutorial

Письмо «Смотрите, что нашли в Pinterest пользователи ani, Trisha, Irish» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта

DIY Patchwork ornament for Christmas

muñecos 6: amigos nieve

Whimsical Snowmen perched on large black top hat