A cool hem on stockinette. For an extra-sharp finish, try a second trick: when you've knitted to the last row that is going to show on the right side, knit the next row in reverse, so it will make a sharp purl ridge when the hem is turned. To fancy that up, you could knit that turning row with regular yarn-overs along it to make little eyelets; then the turn would produce an edge with little picot bumps or scallops.Try a few small test pieces to see how you like the effect.

узоры спицами

Live stitches from the last row of a sleeve for a folded / turned hem on the WS: sewing tidily & nicely. => grafting to row ~~ Use for collar / neck


узоры спицами

Similar to the outlander mitts, but really nice as an allover fabric.

Ромбы спицами ‒ простые узоры

Имитация косы, простые узоры спицами

Knit patterns ...♥ Deniz ♥


Found on a Russian knitting site that I could not figure out how to Pin to my board. So I copied and saved it.

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