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an aerial view of a garden with a lantern and water feature in the center, surrounded by greenery
城市岛屿-海上花园 | 香港置地·启元(一期交付大区) / JTL 加特林
城市岛屿-海上花园 | 香港置地·启元(一期交付大区) / JTL 加特林 – mooool木藕设计网
an aerial view of a driveway and landscaping
金科·集美御峰 | 东方美学回归,升级广州人居品质 | Urban landscape design, Landscape design, Landscape architecture design
a wooden deck with lights on it and some flowers in the grass next to it
Террасная подсветка: альтернативное применение
a man sitting on top of a white chair next to two circular tables and trees
Vanke·Tianhui by Zinialand Design
a brick walkway next to a swimming pool
Best Paver Patterns and Designs for 2021
several people walking on a tiled floor in the sun with their shadows coming from them
References and case studies > Inspiration > View tile series
an empty park area with benches and plants
Smith Cardiovascular Research Building
two people walking down the street with their shadows on the pavement and one person holding an umbrella
an overhead view of a patio with potted plants on the ground and a chair next to it
Grey Granite Patio Paving Slabs
an outdoor walkway surrounded by plants and shrubs in the evening sun with long shadows on the ground
an artist's rendering of a city street with trees and benches in the middle
an outdoor patio with hedges and glass doors
„Diabeł tkwi w szczegółach”, czyli o wyposażeniu nowoczesnego ogrodu
„Diabeł tkwi w szczegółach”, czyli o wyposażeniu nowoczesnego ogrodu - Modern Line
an empty driveway with two garage doors in the background and lights on either side of it
Driveway Design | Landscaping Ideas