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pink flowers are blooming on a tree branch in front of a mountain range with dark clouds
two pink and red flowers with green leaves on the bottom one is painted in acrylic paint
two colorful flowers with green leaves in the background
a painting of a pink flower with green leaves
a painting of pink flowers with green leaves
a colorful rose with two hummingbirds sitting on it
a painting of pink and white flowers on a blue background
a painting of a pink flower on a blue background
blue and yellow flowers with drops of water on them, hanging from a tree branch
purple flowers are blooming near the water
purple flowers with green leaves in the foreground and mountains in the distance behind them
a purple flower with green leaves and mountains in the background
some very pretty yellow and blue flowers by the water with mountains in the back ground
two white and yellow flowers with brown spots on them in the grass by some bushes
Langloisia setosissima. Langloisia erizada. Calicó erizado. Langloisia de la Gran Cuenca. Sombreros de sol lila.