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a woman in a blue dress with an angel on her shoulder and the words, i'm case of emergency break glass
Tweets con contenido multimedia de 학알 (@HAK_ahl) | Twitter
a drawing of a man with horns on his head holding onto another person's shoulder
Homestuck | Terezi and Karkat
a black and white drawing of a woman in a dress holding a bird on her arm
Faith Schaffer Illustration
a drawing of a woman sitting in a chair with her hand up to her face
Felix Inclusis | redlipstickresurrected‌: Yannick Corboz (French,...
redlipstickresurrected‌: Yannick Corboz (French, b. 1976, Annecy, France) - Corboz Hommage (Ellen von Unwerth), 2011 Paintings: Watercolors
Art, illustration, tattoo idea? Art Sketchbook, Ink, Leslie Hung
Leslie Hung
Art, illustration, tattoo idea?
an ink drawing with a snake on it and a pen next to it, sitting on top of a piece of paper
ink undine, Serban Gabriel
ink undine, Serban Gabriel
a drawing of a tiger with orange eyes
Magnolia, the tiger god (2/4)
Magnolia, the tiger god (2/4) : worldbuilding
a drawing of a girl with a cat on her head and a knife in her hand
pronounced AN'OO ✨ (@avvou) on Instagram: “#inktober day 13: Bad Luck I love streaming because you guys come up with great ideas and…
some anime character drawings with different expressions
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Oldold!, Carly Segad
a drawing of a girl wearing glasses and a baseball cap with headphones on her ears
Speedy self portrait in posca pens. I had way too much fun :o) #posca #ポスカ
a drawing of a woman in red, white and blue clothes with her arms crossed