Portrait of Elena Aleksandrovna Naryshkina, Serene Princess of Italy (detail) 1799

la-petite-queen: Portrait of Elena Aleksandrovna Naryshkina, Serene Princess of Italy (detail) (via TumbleOn)

Свт. Спиридон Тримифунтский - выставка икон православных мастерских «Русская Икона»

A guardian angel is an angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country. Belief in guardian angels can be traced thro


Art / Mythology: “The Loggia of Psyche” (Frescoes Based on the Myth Of Eros and Psyche).


The Beautiful Stylish Paintings of Tsuyoshi Nagano Mr. Nagano has gained celebrity for the covers he created among die-hard fans of Star Warsfor the Japanese spin-off novels. Nagano’s gigantic.

in the arms of the angel


In the arms of the angel. Finally, a male angel. Angel holding a girl in his arms in a loving protecting embrace.

Архангел Гавриил

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Врубель Михаил Александрович (1856-1910) (207 работ)

Врубель Михаил Александрович (1856-1910) (207 работ)

✨ The library is a quiet place. Angels and gods huddled In dark unopened books. - Charles Simic, "In the Library" From "Angels Around Us.

Archangel Michael

George Bilak - (contemporary) - Religious work - The archangel Michael.