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a table topped with lemons and other fruit on top of a blue and white tile floor
lemons and lemon curd
lemons.. my own sunshine because Vancouver is refusing proper spring weather! I cant believe how windy and cold it still is... also something delicious in the making... #editwithus #neewer #festivevibes #freshstart #Vancouverphotographer #vintagecake #vancouverfoodphotographer #pink
a bunch of strawberries sitting in a paper bag on top of a news paper
& dulcet
a sheep jumping up in the air on an empty road with yellow lines painted on it
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a building covered in lots of colorful flowers
Dense Fields of Flowers Spring from People and Everyday Objects in Animated Works by Grif — Colossal
a cartoon dog sitting in a lawn chair on the beach with an umbrella over his head
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the cartoon dog is washing his teeth in the bathroom with another dog sitting at the sink
three people standing together with the words,'trios don't work me '
a white bowl filled with sliced strawberries on top of a table
a basket filled with citrus fruit sitting on top of a table
a tall building with flowers on the balconies and windows above it's entrance
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