Pannocchie che diventano carne e latte! Che giusti. #Soviet #propaganda

"Corn is a Source of Abundance" says this Soviet era poster. Generations of the Soviet people were brainwashed by nonsense like this. Rumors had it that on Khruschev's orders, corn was added to bread due to wheat shortages. Yes, "Abundance", Soviet style.

USSR propaganda Soviet Poster 033 by SovietPoster on Etsy, $9.99

USSR propaganda, Soviet, Poster, 033

Poster by Ilya Perevedentsev in Moscow, Russian Federation Based on a 1949 Soviet labor poster, it translates as: “”Cultural trade - honorable work!

Anti drinking ads from the Soviet Union.

Three of my favourite anti drinking ads from the Soviet

Soviet poster

Soviet Propaganda Becomes Fabulous Gay Pride Posters / Carey Dunne + FastCoDesign

Советские плакаты о милиции_1

"Police - servants of the people." The poster on the wall reads: "Treat complaints and requests of the workers with respect! Советские плакаты о

Knowledge will break the chains of slavery. Soviet Propaganda Art. - Imgur

"Znaniye razorvet tsepi rabstva" (Knowledge will break the chains of slavery) by Alexei Radakov, 1920

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...на тему... темы... Вспомнить всё... Советский интерьер в живописи...9