Drones also offer a huge advantage over manned aircrafts: You can afford to take risks with the weather.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral in Peterho, in Saint Petersburg, Russia - Drone photos by Amos Chapple

"I even got the direct email to [Iran's] minister of tourism, but got no response," Chapple says.

The angel atop the Alexander column in the centre of St. Built after Russia’s victory over Napoleon, the column's 600 ton granite trunk was tipped into place by soldiers. It balances without any attachment to its base.

Over the course of two days, he scoped out an area tucked out of sight from the police. He waited for a burst of traffic to block the noise of the drone and got his shot.

Petersburg From Above “ Recently, photographer Amos Chapple spent some time in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city. He used a small drone to lift his camera high above the cathedrals.

Russian authorities denied Chapple permission to fly above the Kremlin in Moscow because he was a foreign citizen. He did it anyway.

kremlin 37 incredible drone photos from across the globe that would be totally illegal today

"For that year, when the whole world was open, it was just a case of hitting famous landmarks and moving as quickly as possible," he says.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral, inside the Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg, Russia l Amos Chapple Drone Photography

For about 18 months after commercial drones hit the market, it was legal to fly drones pretty much anywhere. Chapple took advantage.

The Admiralty shipyard in Saint Petersburg, Russia, headquarters of the Russian Navy.Drone photo by Amos Chapple. For about 18 months, it was legal to fly drones anywhere. Chapple took advantage.

And here's a slightly different shot, showing more of the church's architectural detail.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour again.-Illegal drone photos of the most beautiful places on earth - Business Insider

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