2.2k Pins
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an image of a man sitting on top of a boat shaped like a sailboat
Armchair for a solitude "Cocoon"
Armchair for a solitude "Cocoon" on Behance
an image of olives and other fruits
Sketches for TITOBOWL
Sketches for TITOBOWL on Behance
a bunch of different items that are on top of each other, including a light bulb and
Creative + detailed product design sketches that’ll inspire you to pull out your sketchbook! - Yanko Design
the packaging design for fresh basil pesto is shown in three different positions, including one being
Spoilage-preventing food packaging (2013)
a drawing of a cylindrical cylinder with the top section cut out and labeled in two different languages
творческие задания по черчению: 6 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках
the drawing shows an image of a piece of equipment that has been cut into pieces
a drawing of the front and back end of a toilet paper dispenser
Ejercicios Propuestos de AutoCAD Sólidos 3D (Del 11 al 15)
AutoCAD para todos - 100% Práctico: Ejercicios Propuestos de AutoCAD Sólidos 3D (Del 11 al 15)
the diagram shows how to draw an object in three different ways, including two blocks and one
Яндекс Картинки
the drawing shows how to draw an object with different shapes and sizes, as well as measurements
TZ Einführung