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Teach your tot how to ride a bike by first teaching them balance on this baby: Bennett Balance Bike available at Anthropologie. Made in USA

Anthropologie Bennett Balance Bike

Quiero una y ya. Bennett Bike by Michael Salvatore - good stuff, and this cool bike is named after his son. A Xmas dream for toddlers.

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Balance bikes are a great way of teaching children balance and co-ordination in preparation for a real bike. In fact, the experience with the balance bike often means that moving to a normal bike can be more straightforward, without the need for stabi

We started our kids on bikes like these, love them so much! Smart Gear Wooden Balance Bike - FREE Shipping, NO Taxes | Tikes Bikes

This Onyx Graffiti Dry Erasable Balance Bike by Smart Gear is perfect!

Recommended for kids 2 to 6, this balance bike was made in collaboration with Loll Designs and handcrafted USA-made bicycle manufacturer, Heritage Bicycles.

Heritage Balance Bike for the Wee Lollygagger

Bennett Balance Bike-Recycled Milk Jug by Heritage Littles // via: mother mag

Wooden Runbike Balance Bike Wooden Bicycle Bike от thewoodenhorse

Wooden Runbike, Balance Bike, Wooden Bicycle, Bike on etsy by thewoodenhorse

The Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers

The Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers

Prince Lionheart 7600 balanceBIKE Original *** Continue to the product at the image link.