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Using Maps and Data Vis to Understand Tennis

These striking visualizations of tennis matches show what we can learn from sports tracking data.

An annotated chart of the myriad microbes that are hitching a ride inside your body. #information #design

Invisible Residents by NYTimes: The Human Microbiome Project has spent two years surveying bacteria and other microbes at different sites on 242 healthy people. The chart hints at the complex combinations of microbes living in and on the human body.

A WORLD OF TEA - Corriere della Sera - La Lettura on Behance

Artwork for Il Corriere della Sera - La Lettura on the production, export and consumption of tea in the world from 2008 to Valerio Pellegrini.

Santiago Ortiz, 2013. "Inaugural Speeches". Word frequency analysis, #non-narrative. This text exploration put in evidence the type of bias expected from a "top frequency analysis": "Similarly to Nicole Bemboom I've tried words From a comment of the website "highway" "railroad" and "road" that appeared in Obama's 2nd inaugural on Monday and they don't appear in the tool. Can you explain?"

The Guardian and data designer Santiago Ortiz visualize how Obama’s inauguration speech compares to those of previous presidents since Nixon’s 1969 address.

a large-scale data visualization of the textual analysis of English translations of the Holy Scriptures, illustrating the relationships between Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism & Judaism.  in Similar Diversity, all characters are aligned alphabetically on the x-axis. their name & arc size is calculated from their total word count in all scriptures. the colored arc segments show the frequency of the word or the character in the particular Holy Books. bar charts below the names break…

Similar Diversity by Andreas Koller & Philipp Steinweber: This infographic analyzes the holy scriptures of the world’s five main religions--Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaismndbreaking Examples of Generative Design

Religion Tree of the World (2010) from Dzvenislava Novakіvska and her team Funk & Consulting

Religion Tree of the World from Dzvenislava Novakіvska and her team Funk & Consulting